What's my Why?

I often get teased about all of my social media accounts. I have a personal Instagram, two health and wellness instagrams and now my creative/photography Instagram. What in the world? Like. Take a chill pill, Kyli, amiright?

Let me tell you why. Until the last few years, I've felt lost in this world. I went through jr high and high school not really having much direction. I took a few classes I was interested in but never really found my personal path. I got married at the ripe old age of 20 and was still lost -maybe more than ever before. I have a husband who is a big time hunter, occasional great golfer, lover of sports, fishing and cars. He can ALWAYS fill his time with his hobbys when he's not busy busting his behind providing a living for his family. 

This inspired me.

I started finding myself. I love natural health. I love supplements. I love "hippy" things. I have taken dozens of nutrition classes and have a handful of certificates and diplomas in that regard but when I tried to turn it into a business, I felt frustrated and not always fulfilled. I still felt like something was lacking. I love to blog. I love my food prep, experiments and photography. I love setting the scene, plating the food, adjusting my kitchen light and snapping away.

This is how I found this passion.

I realized (a good 3 years slowly learning this craft) that there is little in the world that still puts butterflies in my stomach as when I get that "oh yeah!" Shot. Little in the world gets me as excited as seeing what I was able to do with a lens, a mirror and a digital sensor. Photography, the camera mechanisms, and the final product have stuck a chord in my life. Suddenly, I feel like I've really found myself.

Before I knew it, I had enrolled in multiple classes. It was time to take this amazing hobby and turn it into something more. I love to photograph food, so I could only begin to imagine the flips my stomach would do when I started to capture other things.


Expecting mothers.

The love of a family.


Graduating seniors.

The list goes on and on. And I couldn't wait to get started.

I tend to jump into things with both feet and it's always sink or swim. Because I love this so much, I don't want to fail. I have taken the time to learn the basics, the fundamentals, photography styles, lighting, angles, technique, etc. I have spent many hours for free building a portfolio, not only to grow my skills but to add a degree of trust in the community. I want to have a reputation that precedes me.

I know I am going into a saturated market. Especially in Utah county. But that is fine. I have a passion for my little nikon that I believe is going to carry me through.

There is something so beautiful and pristine about capturing a familial moment. Something unspeakable about catching a newborn sleeping. There is magic in reflecting just the C shape of an expectant mothers womb onto your screen - knowing that beautiful being is sustaining a life apart from her own.  Photography is an art form that takes a moment, a feeling, a passage of time - and turns it into a part of forever.

I know you have options. I know everyone knows a photographer. I know I may not be the best (yet) or the most popular. But I love it and you'll see that in every print.

My "why" is simple. I love what's captured. I love what's felt. And I love the idea of having a family, baby, mother, child, etc have that feeling and moment in time, tangible, in their lives for as long as they live. ❤️

-Captured by Kyli-

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