Brooke and Brady Zaugg Family

This shoot started off interesting. But not because of the clients. You see, Brady is my cousin. This shoot started off around 4 in the morning in a deep spot of my REM cycle. Brady's sister, my cousin Erin, was at this photoshoot in my dreams yelling at me telling me if I couldn't get good pictures of her nieces and nephew, I was a failure to society. This dream was weird because Erin was probably one of my best friends growing up. And although we had fights, we never yelled.

Relieved when I woke up, I had a pit in my stomach most of the day. My dreams really tend to effect my days and this one lingered. Of course we were all great when the Zaugg family came and we got started.

Turns out this shoot really was a dream. Because this family was magnificent. See for yourself. 😍

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