Romantic Rems

This blog post is primarily for me to always remember this moment as a mother. But also because I got a new 50mm lens for Christmas that I have been having too much fun with. ;) 

So, today as we were in the check out at smiths there was a barrel of flowers I didn't happen to notice. As I was checking out, I heard that sweet little voice that has been my identity the last two years quietly say: mama? 

I turned around to see his slightly messy face give me a quick smirk as he hands me a small bouquet of flowers. At first I almost react out of habit and tell him no and to put them back. Yet, this time that same little voice cuts me off and matter of factly states: "I buy dese for you?"


I almost died. My heart exploded. How can this little tyrant be so perfect at the same time? I scanned the flowers and gave him a kiss thanking him and came home immediately, put them in water and stared at them in as much amazement as I stared at my thoughtful child. 

And then I did what every woman does in the presence of a floral display...I took a photo. Or 8. Whatever. 

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