Hoarfrost and the Headache

My child is an absolute nightmare to try and photograph. He never stops moving, won't smile and when he does look at the camera, it's like he knows exactly what the shudder speed is set to and will look down even quicker. I can't get good photos of this guy - Which is probably a blessing for viewers, otherwise, I would definitely bombard the internet with photos of him...because I am his mom and get to believe he is the cutest combination, ever, of two people. However, when I woke up this morning and saw all the fog out my window, I got an itch I couldn't scratch.

From the time I was little the fog has fascinated me. Not only because it seems to always give me a reason to get lost in the world, figuratively and literally, but it always brings hoarfrost. And I don't know how anyone doesn't love hoarfrost!! It is the most intriguing phenomena in all of nature, according to the mind and times of Kyli. And clearly we had to head out first thing and take photos. :)

Enjoy! Even though the toddler was a headache and didn't give me one good face shot. And yes, that dark spot in his hair is totally natural! It's the weirdest thing!

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