Six Sisters Deli & Grill

If you're a local resident of eagle mountain city, you have definitely heard of Six Sisters. Tucked away on the corner of Pony Express Parkway and the ranches parkway, Six Sisters Deli and Grill is a quaint gem for the people of this city. It's menu selection is vast, locally sourced (when available) and deeee-licious!

I had the pleasure of doing my first food photography session at the deli this morning. The owner, Monica, has a way with people and food. She is about the sweetest human you will ever meet and makes sandwiches like her life depends on it. 

I generally don't get hungry until mid afternoon but a 7:30 session at six sisters, made me deliciously hungry. ;) I can't wait until I can capture the art and food beauty for the rest of the menu with Six Sisters! And if you're local, make the trip out eagle mountain to see them. I'll let these photos do the rest of the talking. 😋

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