Petroff family

I haven't been good at blogging sessions lately. Which is odd. I just quit my part time technical writing job so I literally have no excuse other than the fact I've been enjoying reading like I've never enjoyed it before. I have read almost 6 pretty hefty books since January 3rd. Who am I? That and I'm enjoying time snuggling my child that I didn't take when I was working. 

Whatever the reason, my blogging has slacked and it must stop. 

This family, beautiful as ever, made my job far too easy. I would start to explain how I wanted them positioned and they went right into it before I even finished. It was such an easy session, perfect weather, and a perfect baby. It makes photos so much easier when the child isn't losing their mind. I've never once even seen their baby fuss. She's an angel! 

Without further ado.... 

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