Kaylee and Nick

I have not blogged in a hot second. For a while there, and probably continuing, it was all I could do to edit and send off photos while managing my child and household. But, now that we are having more outside time, I feel like I am getting me feet back under me. Some days. ;)

Granted, today, while I was inside trying to get my kitchen clean, My friends son came in and informed me that Remington was pooping in the yard. A quick shovel and bury later, I just had to take a deep breath and remember this is motherhood.

On to better topics: Kaylee and Nick.

My mom and Kaylee's mom were good friends in high school. They share stories of missing planes in hawaii and skipping seminary...They seem like they were quite the goofy duo. But until last week, Kaylee and I had never even met. I am so glad we did, because this engagement session was so much fun. <3 It was cold and rainy but these two killed it and the photos ended up being so much fun!

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